• Rooftop to Paximadias 2
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The garden and patios

ZorbaZen House can boast of a small garden and three great patios with one of the most spectacular views on Crete! No visitor is left indifferent. Imagine yourself having a glass of cold white local wine, enjoying the sunset from the roof top patio. To your left (east) you have the islands of Paximadia, behind you the impressive mouintains, east and south are the stretch of beaches, below your feet olive groves and far away to your right (west) the snow peaked mountains of  the ”White Mountains Range” (at least for most of the year). You will probably hear the bells from sheep grazing the fields leading down to the sea and perhaps the church bells chime.  Add to this the mezmerising smell of wild oregano, thyme and other wild herbs and flowers, and you are about as close to the perfect sunset as you can come.

The garden patio gives you unsurpassed views towards both the mountains and the sea, you can see the islands of Paximadia, the three rocks of Triopetra beach and olive groves. Here you have morning sun, making it perfect for breakfasts, and shade after aprox 12 o’clock, making it the perfect lunch spot. In the small garden, among the flowers you find a lemon tree, an avocado tree, and a cherry tree – and perhaps our banana tree will bear its fruit soon.

The big patio is perfect for BBQ’s in the evening or for basking in the sun in the afternoon. The views are spectacular, tranquil and very restful. But this is also the place where we put together a few tables and have bigger dinners where we invite neighbours, other villagers and friends – feel free to do the same, it’s great fun!